Sammy and Julia go out for dinner in a restaurant. Why can't they enjoy their meal together?



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i am often put my phone away from me

Me : Hi, Smith. How are you doing?
Smith: Hello Krish. Been long since we had a call.

Me : Yeah, Smith. It's true. How are things with you?
Smith : It's going good. How about you?

Me : Hmm.. I'm doing fine. Why don't you come in the evening and meet me at my place? We can play Cricket along with some of the people down the street.
Smith : Yeah sure, that's a good idea. I will join you in the evening. Bye.
Me : Bye Smith.

when i am in meeting or with friends i put it silent but in emergency call i apologise and get it

Unfortunately I did. I try to don´t do this but sometimes I am waiting for a important message and I have to look it. When I receive friends at home a leave the phone in the room, far away from me to avoid use it.

Well, my phone is put on the vibrate when I am with my friends. In a case of emergency, I will apologize to my friends then I get a call.

I tend to give priority to my work, like during a meeting with my colleagues. Luckily, my partner understands the situation and supports me. No problem, I think... ;)

When I go out for a dinner for example I take my phone just if my parents or other important people want tell me. But I do not take my phone for gym or when I am with my wife because that moment is ours.

When i go out with my friends usually i put my phone on vibrate mode and sometimes I'll take call if it's really necessary.

I want to attend this call.
I have to answer this call.
The above sentences are with the same meaning of" I'll just get that"?
Otherwise please give any other sentence with the same meaning of "i'll just get that"
Please help...

Hi Shree99,

For one thing, there can be a difference in meaning between 'I want to' and 'I have to' -- the former implies desire whereas the latter implies obligation. 'attend' is correct and can mean the same thing as 'answer', but is rather formal and so wouldn't be appropriate in as many situations as 'answer' would.

Other examples of things people often say in this kind of situation: 'I need to take this' or 'I have to answer this' or 'Let me get that' or 'Excuse me, but I need to take this call'.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team