Sammy and Julia go out for dinner in a restaurant. Why can't they enjoy their meal together?





I loathe mobiles and I don't have one and will never have any!
It's just annoying, harmful, I'd say. In the first place, caller calls you up without thinking what the other peson is doing at that moment. So I never forgive any callers... Instead of calling up with your phone, write to me please!

I do not switch off my phone. If it is a long speaking or not important, i will not answer. I only answer for a short speaking when i am with other people.

I speak in a low voice . if I am in Important meeting I put my phone silent

usually I donot answer my mobile when i meet someone. but if someone call from the my sons school, I am going to answer the phone.

when I am in a meeting I just keep my phone silent after the meeting I call back to them ,some time if I feel there is an urgent call I am receiving that otherwise not. when I am with my family or friends I do not receiving unnecessary phone calls but giving time to my family or friends. That's how I manage a phone call when I am with other people.

When I am with other people, I just put my mobile to vibrate, but I never turn off my phone and I rarely turn down a call.

this is a good story how we date someone and we should switch the phone off in the middle conversation

Usually, I keep in my pocket and I just answer if necessary, like a phone call of my family or friends. It is not polite when we are talking with someone and the person is enjoying the phone.

it's simple, just turn off the phone and put inside in bag

I put my phone silent