Julia and Sammy enjoy their meal, but there's a problem. How is Sammy going to pay for it?




That time my boyfriend asked me to attend a party with our workmates. I felt dizzy so I decided to go home. While I was on my way home, I was starving hungry then I pulled over and bought some food. When I paid, I couldn't see where my wallet was. Oh my god! My face got red. I called my boyfriend to talk about this then he said he had hidden my wallet so that I returned the party. As a result, I had to ask my younger sister to come and pay for me.

I' be never been in similar embarrassing situation. I consider, every person can be in such position. You can always to find a resonable solution.

I never be in this situation before. But if this happens with me, I'll borrow money from my friends and give back to them when I have.

One day I lived a similar situation. I was very lucky because a friend of my had enough money to pay the bill. If it happens and I didn't have enough money, i'll work washing the dishes to pay my food.

I didn't have this problem already, because when I go shopping first I check my wallet and debit card. Usually, I have enough money in my wallet and credit card for daily shopping.

Yeah once, but luckily my debit card was working

Yes, I asked someone to lend me money. Luckily, I'm trustworthy ...! ;)

Yes some day, I went to the store becouse I needed to buy something (I don't remember) but my wallet Washington in my house. Finally I could not buy nothing.

Yes, I remember today, One time I went to a restaurant with my sister and we eat very well, when I asked for the bill I touch my right leg and I remember that I had forgotten my wallet on my bed. So I had rung to my cousin, she was living at home that season and she went to the restaurant with wallet and I can paid the bill that time.

Yes, I lived that kind of situation in a shopping mall. I was with a friend and after tried many clothes for around two hours (because it was very croweded and we need to wait for try the cloths), my credit card did't work in the payment moment! It was so embarrasing!