Sammy and Julia discover they both like the same sport. But can they enjoy it together?





I usually go jogging once a week with my wife on Saturday morning.

Well, I like to go cycling. Normally, I go with my friends on weekdays and with my family on weekends. I really enjoy the green surroundings and freedom while cycling.

I like swimming and football

I like volleyball with my friends and I love football. I love dancing too

I like a football matchl with my friends on Sundays morning because it is a fun sport and I do swim with my wife. She is my swimming teacher and I love it because is a excelent sport for our breath.

I'd like run with family. It's a simple sports.
You just need a run shoes an the you go to park of other nice place to run

I love football and i always play football with my friend every wednesday.I think do excersise very important with healthy. On the weekend i sometimes watch football match in premier league and i'm a big fan of Manchester United club.

I like play basketball with my family. Ever weekend we go to the park and play one hour. I love to do that plan with them!!

I like do aerobics with my friends. I go to aerobics three times a week.

Above all I like going swimming but it's a solitary sport. With my sister and friends I like cycling because we can do some exercise while we have fun.