Sammy and Julia discover they both like the same sport. But can they enjoy it together?





I like doing yoga. This kind of sport isn't hard for me. It doesn't need to be hurry. I always train along.

I like play badminton with my friends because I just know play badminton.

Swimming is the most favorite sport I love to do.

I myself was in a swimming club in my school days, however, I was not a good swimmer at all. I usually was fifth or sixth out of 7 competitors... And after I got married, I've never gone swimming as my wife cannot swim at all. But somehow, I feel like swimming sometimes.

Sami was a swimmer in his school team
Sara is a swimmer in the city team
Sami is so proud ..while Sara is self assured and not proud
Sami had a hard lesson and lost the race :) .

It's hard to understand video without looking at transcript before, so i looked at transcript first to understand video then watch it then do all tasks. Is it a right method to learn? How is your advices ?

Hello mitykg,

There is no single correct way to use the materials on LearnEnglish and it's true that different people learn in different ways. We provide the transcript as a help and there is no reason why you should not use it. However, remember that in the real world we do not have transcripts when we are listening and so it's also important to get used to listening in this way, and to coping when we only understand 75% or 50% of what we hear. If you can do the tasks without the transcript - even if you make mistakes - then I would suggest the following order:

1. watch the video

2. read the task

3. watch again and do the task

4. check your answers

5. watch and read the transcript

6. watch and use the transcript to say the dialogue at the same time and speed as the actors (this will help you with speaking fluency)


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you so much Peter M. I learned the lessons again. I feel it is not more hard as the time before. In the dialogue, Julia says, " do you fancy going swimming this afternoon?". How different she means, if she replaces "fancy" word by "want" word?

Hello mitkg,

'Fancy' is an informal word; 'want' is neutral and can be used in any context.

There is a difference in grammar too: we say 'fancy doing' but 'want to do'.

In terms of meaning there is no difference in this context. In general, 'fancy' suggests a desire at the moment of speaking which will not last very long. You would not use 'fancy' to talk about long-term ambitions, for example. 'Want' has a much broader range of meanings and can mean anything from an immediate wish to our deepest lifetime desires.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

My family don´t do sports, but I go to swim twice a week