Sammy shows Julia some photos of him playing different sports. Why is she not impressed?





Uh.... I wish my every day was bored to death enough to take a lot of pictures of myself!!

My Family always take a a lot of photos while we have our a vacation or weekend together.My two kids lovely like take a photos and alway required me or my wife take photo for them everywhere they show a beautiful place . I don't like take a photo so much . My wife sometimes take photo by herself .

I and my wife usually take pictures when travelling other countries and cities.

I have some pictures of my wife and I in my phone. So I have not another pictures.

Most of my photos are of places that I have visited, also I have photos of my family.
I have little photos of myself, only me in some places.

Sammy is a funny boy. He seems to pretend he's doing some sport before his camera. And Julia got irritated with those photos. Why doesn't he play REAL sport? Or maybe he does some sports but he loves to take such silly charade game with his camera anyway. I'm not interested in such activities myself...

I don't understand what Sammy mean "you can hurt yourself" to Julia. What does he mean? Why does he say "you can hurt yourself" ?

Hello mitykg,

'You can hurt yourself' means that it is possible to get injured.


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Yes, I have many photos of myself. I have more than two photos so they are many photos. I like to take photos of plants, nature and view of colourful sky.

I have many photos. I like to take photo with my phone's camera.