Sammy shows Julia some photos of him playing different sports. Why is she not impressed?





no, i don't have many pictures of myself. however i take many pictures of something interesting in the streets and beautiful scenery.

well, i have had some photo with my family actually. no, i don't. i'm quiet shy so i haven't had any photos yet

My photos are of my daughter, my family, my friends and myself. Yes, I have many photos of myself on my cellphone.

On my phone I have photos about sharing with my girlfriend in different places, family, friends playing football and things like that.

Could you answer the following question, pls?
Julia: Oh, yes. And you're playing tennis?
Is it question? What about order of words in question sentences?

Hello Sergeevich,

It is a question, though as you rightly notice, it doesn't have the typical word order. You can use the normal word order to ask a question when you're asking the other person to confirm that you've understood something correctly.

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I've got not many pictures of me, maybe some taken during my vacations. However, I usually prefer taking photos of landscapes, immortalising a particolar moment or details.

I have some anime character's picture. No, i don't

I have many photos of myself in my mobile phone. I take them during my holidays or during party etc.

I dislike to take always pictures about me, I'm not into it. People loves take pictures about them everytime and everywhere. They're becoming mad, I see every second a guy that makes grimaces taking some pictures. I'm really into taking pictures about sceneries, landscapes, sights etc. I'd better go taking some beautiful pictures.