Sammy is impatiently waiting in front of the cinema. Will Julia spoil their date?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Elementary: A2


Actually we don't have a cinema in my town. Watching film is my favourite hobby, some kinds of films romcoms and true stories.

I like film science fiction, e.g the Matrix. I watched the film again about five times.
No. I don't go to the cinema. I watch on my laptop.

I usually go to the cinema, I like romantic films best, also I like watching actions films. I don't like science fiction film. The latest film that I saw is Tulip fever, it had an interesting story. I like movies more than tv series.

I'm always late. It's my bad habit.

I love to comedy and action movie. Well, I went to a cinema 8 years ago. Haha... I have had no free time to go to the cinema now.

I like any kind of films, especially those who has a lot of artistic content. For example, last weekend I saw Providence of Alain Resnais and Macbeth of Roman Polanski.

It depends on the film if the film is good I watch it and I don't care to kind of film. Recently I started to watch films on the IMD list. It has a list of best films and TV shows and films on the list are really really good.

I like comedies, old classic films of 50th and cartoons like "Incredibles", "Zootopia" etc.

I like any kinds films, but my favourite are documentary film, comedy film, action film and some cartoon film. also, I like to go a cinema.

I like comedy films and some action films. I often go to the cinema.