Julia and Sammy read their horoscopes. What is their future together?





I like to read the magazines football, because I like this sport and the history of players of football !! For the subject on the horoscopes I don't know that said ! because I don't believe in these things.

I like reading the star magazine, it talks about the famous people. I think it's interested, but I rarely read magazine. I just read when I really have free time.
I don't think horoscope is right. I think it's just entertainment. If you use it to talk with friends, it's really useful. Everyone likes it and wants to know your future, although it's not true, they still want to listen :D. That's my mind. Sometimes, Horoscope is right randomly

I read fashion magazines. I don't believe in horoscopes

I read "Esquire" and "Reader's digest".
Nope, honestly not. I'm not a horse in Chinese zodiac.
I like to read travel magazines with lots of beautiful pictures. :)))