Julia and Sammy read their horoscopes. What is their future together?




I like to read arts magazines. I don't like horoscopes but they are funny.

I like to read a travel magazine. ;)

I read gossip magazines when I go to the hairdresser. Usually my favourite reading are novels. I agree with Sammy: horoscopes are silly.

I like to read car magazine.

I like to read the sport magazine, sometimes I look the horoscops, but I don't believe in these things.

Superstitious things. Believe it is true. don't believe it. It's the night of heaven

I only read a weekly TV magazine, I don't believe in horoscopes they never come true.

I don't like gossip magazine at all, I prefer cooking magazine and crossword puzzle.
I don't believe much in the horoscope, but the positive and negative traits of the zodiac are often true.
I 'm Gemini like Julia and my husband is Scorpio like Sammy.
The video is really funny.

It's so funny, how dishonest Sammy is! But I may tell Julia the same way, if I were Sammy. It seems their relationship have got closer... good for them. But there may be one mistake in this skit because there is no "goat" in Chinese zodiac signs, there is a "sheep" but no goat, I'm afraid. Or does English word "goat" include "sheep"? Please let me know.

Hello Tomoaski Hachiya,

The Chinese zodiac signs are translated in different ways in English. Sometimes the word 'sheep' is used, sometimes 'ram' and sometimes 'goat'. You can see all three used on the wikipedia page for the topic.


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