Julia and Sammy read their horoscopes. What is their future together?





I like to read science, design, literary and art magazines. i love the pictures and I also interested in learning the arrangement and design of the magazines.
I think horoscopes is interesting. By the way, I am a dog in the Chinese zodiac.

I like to read science and sports magazine because I think very interesting.
I don't believe in horoscopes. So, I prefer to read others subjects instead horoscopes such as geography, history an languages.

I have a question: Is there difference between "such as" and "like"?
Thanks a lot!

Hello acorreia,

Traditionally there was a difference in the say 'such as' and 'like' were used but this distinction is disappearing in modern usage.

The traditional difference is as follows:

such as is used to introduce examples

like is used to introduce things which are similar


For example:

I love sauces like bechamel.

I love sauces such as bechamel.

The first sentence tells us that it is sauces similar to bechamel which I love.

The second sentence tells us that I love sauces, and offers bechamel as an example of a sauce.


In most contexts and in most modern usage the distinction is not important.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Peter,

It is ok. I have understood the difference between them.
Thanks once again.
Best wishes.

I prefer sport's magazine and newspaper. I don't believe in horoscopes because to me it's not real and it's not interesting.

I prefer woman's magazines. I don't read horoskopes. A real horoscope depends of many things like planеts, aspects.... An astrology is great science

I like to read sport magazine. For me, horoscopes are really interesting

I like a street fashion magazine.
I like horoscopes because it advises for my life.

I am a fan of fashion magazines because the content suits my interest. There are many inspirational stories which are very interesting to read. It sometimes has a self help effect.
I do not believe in horoscopes but it is no harm to read on.

I don't like horoscopes, I don't think they are truthful. Sometimes they can fix your day, for instance: if you are not in the mood and you have a job interview and on the horoscope is written " you'll have a great news " it'll help you to be stimulated.