Sammy has an idea for the holiday. But will Julia want to go away?



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Beginner: A1
Elementary: A2


I want to Hong Kong to meet my best friend.
He is doing his PhD at that.

Well, I avoid the hordes of tourists place. I prefer to get away from it all and love to go somewhere off the beaten track. Last year I had a holiday of a lifetime to the West in Vietnam. It was a picturesque village with a breathtaking view.

Last time we don't have any holidays. However, we're saving money for our trip to Europe.

I like to go to natural places like mountains and beaches.

I like to go to the countryside in holidays. I like to sit in quiet place and enjoy the weather and listen to sounds of nature.

When I go on holiday, I go to the mountains of the Alps. I like walking a lot.

If we have "long" holidays ( we call so 4-5 days when weekend ahd public holidays follow one after another) we go to one of the big city like Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv. On the vacation we usually go to the sea.

For my holidays, I like to go in my country and other country that I don't know.
But sometimes I travel according to my financial budget.

If I have a long holidays. Maybe 3 -5 days, i will go to the sea by car. I want to go to an island because it's quite, and the air is fresh.

I go here there and everywhere.