The Interesting Most Boring Man in the World


People often said that Thierry Boyle was the most boring man in the world. Thierry didn’t know why people thought he was so boring. Thierry thought he was quite interesting.

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Hi! Thank you for your site .I like it. I need your help,please. What does it mean It wouldn`t do for everyone to be the same.She wanted all people to be the same? It`s another poem, I know,but I couldn`t write my comment in the right place. Sorry. By the way, this story is funny and good.

Hi victoria odessa,

'It wouldn't do for...' means 'it wouldn't be a good thing for...'

I'm glad you like the site!

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The LearnEnglish Team

I´m sure that to depend on the point of view of others is a wrong understanding about the true meaning of life. To be boring or happy is not a question of how people think about me. Only my own confidence is the right resource to get good goals and many times be famous is not a good achievement. Let´s think for a while in famous people. For instance in movie stars. We can be well informed on their big fortune but ¿ what about their happiness?