King of the Pumpkins


"Deep in the middle of the woods”, said my mother, “is the place where the King of the Pumpkins lives." A young boy and his cat try and find out what - if anything - is true about his mother's stories.


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When I was a kid, in my town children told this tales on Halloween's night, or "All Saints Day", even though I don't remember all the details, as, the story was too long.

The Seaside Castle, lived a rich family with their two children, Marcos and Ana, and all the servants. One night, The seaside Castle caught fire for an unknown reason, and all family and servants died. Over time, The Seaside Castle was abandoned during two hundred years. After of this time, the castle was occupied by the army, and the story told that the army only passed one night in the castle, because in a tall tower, that it was the bedroom of the parents, there were the ghosts of all family, but nobody screamed, nobody ran, and nobody know what happened on the castle that night. The next day, the army abandoned the castle, and The Seaside Castle disappeared. Other children told that if you walked along of the coast on the night of Halloween might find the castle and see for yourself.

All children of neighbourhood knew this Halloween's story, at the time, we were very scared of this story, but today it's not very scary.

I think she's mentally depressed mother.
Moreover that may be the scarecrow there which she called the king of pumpkins.

In my opinion learning English language through the story is quite useful . the biggest advantage of this website and its story is that you can have a fun and also listen up to the audio and capture the correct pronunciation and get a gist of the text and guess the meaning of  new vocabularies  from the context . it is realy works and improve our vocabulary

I like this story.because it teaches me new vocabulary according to listening .I think that learning from stories is a good way to master a foreign language.

it ws a nice one. i enjoyed as well as learnt something newww....!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Interesting story. I like the way the writer created the conversation between the kid and the cat, they had very good sense of humor. Thank you for sharing,,;)

hi every body!!
i think the story is very interesting, its a bit scary story , and i think his mother maybe a real witch and he is a real elf, now that can be true, because i guess they have a black cat that can talk so i believe that she maybe i real witch i wonder if i could have a black talking cat so i can talk with him and maybe i can consult my problems with him!!! 

it is good to hear fairy tales like that from your mummy or grandmother, grandad. children believes what you say in most positions so don't tell them bad things. Fairy tales must guide them to the right way!