Once upon a time there was a stone cutter who set out to become the most powerful thing in the land. This fascinating tale from Asian mythology has a very powerful message.

The Stone Cutter


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LearnEnglish would like to thank the Sage Arts Unlimited (Martial Arts & Fitness Training) website for letting us reproduce this story, which is on their site.

Task 1

Decide if the statements about the text are true or false.






Good story. Be thankful of what we have now; the blessing that God has given to us,  instead of being greedy and covetous. You will never be satisfied by always looking  upon somebody else possessions. If our obsessions are greater than our faith, then we are likely going to have the same fate as the stone in the stone cutter story,,,

This story shows us how easy we could be wrong. Our thought, frequently leads us where is not the right place to be. Sometimes this behavior affects not only one person but also a whole community, even a nation. Then, because of this mistake, many bad things happen. War for instance is the worst consequence of that evil wish of power. Although millions of human beings have been killed across the mankind history by this perverse appetite for power, world people are still far a way of an understanding that changing hate by kindness is the unique way to get a better life and a true power.

It's a very humbling story. We all want to be powerful, famous and rich for us to be happy. What we don't realize is that intangible things matter most. Family, peace and health are the most prized assets we have which we easily take forgranted. Happiness does not reside in earthly possessions. It's how we value life and the things around us that brings us joy.
People should give more time to soul searching or meditation. In this way, we can bring out our unique, innate qualities. Each of us has a unique strength, an inner power that makes us stand out. We just couldn't see it because we are so involved looking at the outside. We never seem to be satisfied with what we have. If we go beyond externally and delve into our inner faculties, we will realize that nothing impossible cannot be done. We just need to look into ourselves more thoroughly. Faith can move mountains as long as we believe in it.

it is one of my favorite story!