In 'Progress', Osbert Sitwell provides negative images of the city and conjures up fond memories of the country. In 'The City', Charles Hanson Towne does the opposite.

Town & Country


Do the Preparation task first. Then go to Text and read the poem or story (you can also listen to the audio while you read). Next go to Task and do the activity.

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Task 1

Match the words at the top with their definitions.


Task 2

Below are seven statements about each poem. Decide if they are true or false.






hello, everybody
I need a text not poems, this page is not helping me

Your texts

Death is everywhere,
The lambs are waiting to die in the countryside
They make me remember that I could be shattered tonight,
Time is running out and nothing can stop it,
Quickly come to the city and kiss me now.

Eric Ramirez Rodriguez