Edie and Evie are identical twins. Identical in appearance, but their personalities are not at all identical. Things get very weird when one of them pretends to be the other...

Two Peas in a Pod


Do the Preparation task first. Then go to Text and read the poem or story (you can also listen to the audio while you read). Next go to Task and do the activity.

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Task 1

Choose the correct word to compete each sentence.


Task 2

Type one of the following prepositions into each gap to complete the sentences.

into (1) from (1) of (1) about (2) for (3) to (2) on (1) at (2) on (1) in (1)






When I was a child, I had two little turttles who i think were twins, maybe all the turttles in the world can be twins or familiar because they look alike but that's not the topic, the point is that one day I misbehaved them, I tried to play whit them in my garden and I forgot them so maybe someone crushing them or something :(. Now I miss them and since then, I haven't buy turttles. Now I have a dog and i hope that the story never happens again.

Regarding the story that I listened, I think it was good, in the beginning i thought that it was going to be a kind or boring because i saw that the audio last to much time, but when I got my earphones and started listening it became more interasting and I was keen to know what it was going to came next. I can't figure out how a sister can betray to the other, but she was always like this since when she was a child, so if nobody tried to fix her conduct he was supossed to be a misbehave girl, and we can figure out these when she grew up and lied to the police to arrested her sist, it's sort of frightening but the story appealed to me.

The one who sacrificed for her twin sister was naive enough, and she had already paid the cost of being naive. The question here is: how the divine justice works?

If you read carefully and give an ear, Evie is telling the story, I am sure - "I’m afraid that she might show someone that she doesn’t have a birthmark on her left shoulder. Then someone might look, and they will find that I do." I was confused with 16th sentence becouse the twin who is telling the story says she does have a birthmark on her shoulder at the end of the story. I enjoy your podcasts, thank you for eachone!!!

Hello teacher,
Can I ask you a question? I think the twin who is telling the story doesn't have a birthmark. I don't know my understand is right or wrong because in sentence 16 in exercise" the twin who is telling the story has a birthmark." Can you help me ?

Hello vyngongocanh,

You're absolutely right. Thanks for telling us about this error. I've just fixed it and so the exercise is now correct – thanks to you!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

the real Edie was an intelligent person.She preferred to go to jail and let her sister still pretend she is " good Edie " ?In this case she needs to go to work everyday and behave herself.Jail would not necessarily changed her behaviour.Real Edie had to love her sister a lot.no matter what Evie does , Edie loves her.thanks for that story.

The story was so nice. It didn't have happy ending. I have heard that the twins are so kind together. But, this story is a bit confusing. I think their parents had to helped their twins to behave in a good way. It was their parent's fault.

what a sad end!!I think edie should have told about the mole.Well it happens sometimes when sisters sacrifice their self to save their sister or brother...someone they love..Icouldn t imagine that evie was talking... :(

hi,It is very sad story.But it is unlogical.Why Edie didn't ask to check the spot?Because of that good one got in trouble.That's why it changed to the worst                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

When I first read the article, I was really confused about last paragraph.
Now I think that the real narrator of the article is Evie (the bad one).
Because Evie always pretends to be her good twin, even when she tells the story, she pretends to be Edie. We can only discover this in the last paragraph.