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"We are doing Chapter 6: Hobbies, I like doing..." Robert Seatter has been an English teacher, an actor and a journalist. This poem takes us into part of an English lesson for adult learners.



We suggest you do the vocabulary activity below before you read or listen. Then read and/or listen to the poem and do the task to check your comprehension.


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Hello !
I'd like to know how to speak English naturally when I talk to someone.
I mean, where, when I have to pause .

Actually, I have some books such as English Pronunciation In use but it contains only 2 pages about what I told.

There are a lot of good materials in this site but that's too hard to me.. They talk really fast!!!
And also I wonder how do children can talk like that? So fast.. also have intonation ..!
I mean they even don't know grammar..! but they already communicate there ideas to others.

I think listening audio books for toddler is good for me..? (It is difficult to listen to broadcast even for kids.)

Could you give me some advice, please?

Hello Rachel Han,

There are no explicit rules which I can give you for when to pause, I'm afraid.  People pause for rhetorical effect, to signal a change of topic or to let a point sink in, or just because of signals they receive from their audience.  The best advice I can give you is to do what you are doing: listen to as many examples of natural speech as you can.  Remember that our audio materials have transcripts available on the page, so you can use these to help you practise.  After you have finished doing the exercises on the page, listen again and try to read the transcript aloud while you listen, going at the same speed as the speaker and pausing at the same time.  This will help you to get a feel for the rhythm of the language and to develop natural delivery.

I hope that helps you.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks for your advice Peter.
I'm doing now as you said to me.
I hope to improve my speaking skills ! Thank you all!

Best wishes,


Hello everybody. This is a good stuff. I find these stories and poems as a good teaching material. I'm intending to use them in my classroom. I'm grateful....

Hello British Council Team
Thank you for your helps to us. wish health and success

is cool everthing the postcads in fact all, so I want listen, listen. it is very educational. well I am surprised with this much material and the grammar is cool :D

Thanks, Gabriel123!
Glad you like our materials - it's really good to know we're helping you!
Enjoy your stay on the site,
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

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I hope receive my errors, Thanks

Isn't it a paradox to try and learn and improve our English using poetry? I have appreciated the text describing these hobbies, some fun, selfish, enthusiastic and finally terribly moving! I think poetry is not straight understandable, so, quite a challenge to learn English with! Why not? But embarrassing because (imho) reading a poem is getting a strange feeling, often good, but sometimes far from the reality, built by yourself. My English teacher would have told me, my dear boy, you are still dreaming! you have completely misunderstood! Thank to your programme, but I must confess that trying poetry is a bit daunting! But I will carry on!