In this section you can play games, laugh at jokes, watch videos and listen to people speaking English. Take a break from your studies and enjoy your progress.

Watch YouTube videos and improve your English at the same time. There are exercises and transcripts to help you understand.

Video zone – A nervous first date

Will Simon and Arunima find love on their romantic first date together? Watch as Arunima explains what dating is like for her as a wheelchair user.

Video zone – How wolves change rivers

Yes, that's right – wolves can change rivers! Watch this video and find out how.

Play games, have fun and improve your English vocabulary at the same time.

Beat the keeper

Are you a football fan? Try this game to see how many football words you know in English. Can you beat the goalkeeper? Good luck!


How many points can you get in 3 minutes? Longer words score more points!

Laugh and learn with our jokes.


How do you make an apple turnover?


I've been invited to an avoidance?

What's an avoidance?

Watch these videos to learn how to say the right thing at the right time.

How to understand the difference between the UK and Great Britain

Do you find it difficult to understand the difference between the UK and Great Britain? 

How to turn down an invitation

Have you ever been invited to a party that you didn't want to go to? Find out how to turn down unwanted invitations in the future.

Listen to people talking about things that interest them.

Talk about: My son

Ron talks about his pride and joy – his lovely son.

Talk about: My life in the UK

Ella shares with you her most memorable moments in the UK.

Learn about British culture and food in these fun videos.

Two blue baubles - Christmas decorations

Do you celebrate Christmas? How would you celebrate it? Besides Christmas trees, what other Christmas decorations do you know?

Watch this video to know more about the festive decorations and items you can find in the Christmas period.

Baubles and Christmas decorations

Christmas has a long history and it has been celebrated by different people in many different ways. In the UK, having a special Christmas meal with family and friends is a very important custom for many.

Besides turkeys, what other traditional Christmas food do you know? In this video, get to know some of the traditionally served Christmas food in the UK, like mulled wine, mince pies, Christmas pudding, etc.

Why are Shakespeare's plays so popular 400 years after his death? Find out in these videos and improve your English with the exercises.

Shakespeare: Stratford

How did the son of a small-town glove maker come to write the greatest plays in the world? Join actor and producer Ben Crystal as he explores Shakespeare's early years in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Shakespeare: Stratford

What inspired Shakespeare to write? Ben Crystal continues his visit to Stratford-upon-Avon, learning about Shakespeare's education, marriage and the 'lost years' before he moved to London.

Learn about UK culture by watching videos and listening to audio about a variety of topics.

UK Culture: Currency

The pound sterling is the oldest currency in the world that is still in use. What do you know about the money used in the UK?

UK Culture: Pedestrians

Roads are dangerous places for people on foot. Watch this video to find out how to stay safe when crossing roads in the UK.

The Premier League is the world's most-watched football league. Watch players discuss their experiences in the UK.

Premier Skills: Plans in Five Years

In this video, the players talk about their hopes and future plans.

Premier Skills: English

In this video, four Premier League players talk about how they use English and why it is important to them.

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