The most widely spoken language in the UK is English. However, newcomers and visitors to the UK may have problems with regional dialects and accents. 


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Task 1

Fill in the gaps in the text with the words from the box at the top.






In INDIA we have nearly 18 official accents although our national language is HINDI but we speak in our regional language i,e..,TELUGU.

In France, we have only one official language . However, a few people sometimes use regional languages as "breton" or " langue d'oc" or " alsacien"...
I dont wish regional languages to become more important: one language for one country, that's better for the country's unity.

I agree. One language for one country.

Are there a wide variety of accents or languages in your country?
Yes, there are a wide variety of ethnic groups in our country, more exactly 135 races, even though the predominant spoken language is Burmese.

Have you ever had to act as an interpreter? What did think of the experience?
Yes, I have to act as an interpreter sometimes. In spite of a wide language-gap, I usually enjoy to interpret for my colleagues, because I love to see the reaction people do when they understand something.

i am from Egypt there are many sub_dialect according to the region

1) I live in Russia. It's a very big multinational country. Our official language is Russian, but in regions you may hear different dialects, sub-dialects and languages.
2) Some years ago I worked as an interpreter: English - Russian. It was really hard as you have to know a wide glossary of both languages and be able quikly to find appropriate words to interpret correctly.

Hi everyone. I'd like to say about language variety in Poland which isn't to wide like in other countries, like each of you wrote. Everywhere in Poland the official language is Polish, but we have few regional dialects, which are words absolutely different compared to Polish language. We have many loanwords especially from German.

There are about 11 languages in south Africa, i never really acquired to be an interpreter. Im very retired person, in the main.

We speak variaty and different languages and dialects,e.g in the jungle speak shipibo, ashaninka, aguaruna, etc. In Andean speak quechua, aymara... There are 47 languages aproximately. On the other hand, the spanish is spoken in all Peru and it has different accents in jungle, andean and cost. I love to act as an interpreter, I like the carrer of translation and interpretation and linguistics.

I,m Moein. I,m from Iran. In our country, there are many accent so that my native language is Turkish but national language is Persian. And in fact, I have two native language. Iran is great country with great people. Although there are many different language, but all of us live in peace and we build it the best country in the world.
I have experience as translator. it was nice and I like it. I help my friend to speak Persian.

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