Did you know that manners are all about a reduction of violence between people? If you don't believe it, have a listen to this.

UK Culture: Manners


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Decide if the statements are true or false.





hey my name is Manal i am a new member here

We think manners are getting worse, in our hometown Salzburg the people from 10 to 14 are very impolite and disrespectful to adults. They don't offer the seat to older people on the bus or train and they don't even greet anyone. That also effects their relationship with their parents, that means they don't respect them or their rules and don't do what they want but always want money and food from them. :)

I think every generation says that the younger people's manners are getting worse. Especially with technology. Nowadays it's common to look into your phone when someone is talking to you, and I think that is unnecessary. when everyone was reading the newspaper, it was the same. So as I see it, manners are getting worse, but every elder generation feels the difference way stronger. Manners are all about making other people feel comfortable with each other. But of course their is a difference between the Middle Ages and today.

What expressions: "on the face of it", "mind his p's & q's" I loved them. Also pleasantly analytical to judge the manners nowadays. And finally providing nice piece of advice: "don't think there's a right & wrong way to do things in terms of little funny details". But what struck me more is the definition mentioned for manners: "reduction of potential violence between strangers". According to this maybe not only manners declined but completely disappeared since we see so many tensions and bloody conflicts in some parts of the world.

Hello everyone !
Here in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro more especifically, I think that manners are getting worse everyday.
On streets and public transports people are getting mad and less friendly with the other.
Of course it´s not a rule, there are many people who remains friendly and make the difference in the society.

sounds good your eagerness about atticates and manner.

It's a good listening exercise... i have never heart about British manners! I think is an excellent subject in order to contextualize people who is learning English! 

Thank you very much .It's very useful to improve English .

Dear British Council
I love to study English and it's got a lot of vocabularies  but I interested in the native speaker's culture rather the conversations  grammar from textbook also.I want to tell my classmate about the British  tradition and culture .
please give me some advices
                                                  your most respectfully
                                                        Ms.Duangchitphan   Chamfar

Dear Ms. Chamfar,
Thank you for your comment. We have lots of information about British culture on LearnEnglish. We have videos, like the Britain is Great series or UK Culture. We also cover British culture in our audio recordings, like the very popular Elementary Podcasts and we have texts about many topics in our magazine section.
I hope that meets your needs!
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