Did you know that manners are all about a reduction of violence between people? If you don't believe it, have a listen to this.

UK Culture: Manners


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Task 1

Decide if the statements are true or false.






I think that in my country manners have got worse a lot. I think that about work relationships, to student behavior against their teachers ,parents and among themself. Even drivers behaviors on the roads are worse. There is a big violence and few respect for laws anywhere. We need to return to bases:" please", "you are welcome"," sorry".

My listening was difficult. My ears are slow, the people interviewed speak very quickly. Anyway, thank you a lot. Let's go!

I cannot say that manners are getting worse but I can say that manners are changing, because things change, life changes. Everyone is accepting a lot of influences from worldwide, a great part of them include individual profit, prosperity for few, poverty for a large number of people, violence, exploitation. There are also good actions, people struggling hard to live with dignity, scientists who spend hours in labs to save people from illnesses. Many young people feel confused. Family is of great significance. Children are fortunate when they live in a family environment that estimates human values such as understanding the diversity, respect and solidarity.

Well, in this podcast most of the people the interviewer ask on the street agreed that the manners are getting worse in the UK. Additionally, most of the comments I noticed in here agreed on the same idea. So I think there is a "global" worsening of manners maybe because we're living in a very open world where the violent content is more accessible. Youth in my country are very affected by the media & movies which unfortunately use a violent or inappropriate content.

Hello! I think manners are getting worse in my country, Romania. In buses and trams young people are rude , they don't  give the sites to older people . And also people are cranky, they push you and don't know to say "excuse me" . The listening activity was difficult for me meaning to listen without transcript. Thank you British Council for those activites. By all!

Very interesting and useful. Thank you very much.

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We think manners are getting worse, in our hometown Salzburg the people from 10 to 14 are very impolite and disrespectful to adults. They don't offer the seat to older people on the bus or train and they don't even greet anyone. That also effects their relationship with their parents, that means they don't respect them or their rules and don't do what they want but always want money and food from them. :)

I think every generation says that the younger people's manners are getting worse. Especially with technology. Nowadays it's common to look into your phone when someone is talking to you, and I think that is unnecessary. when everyone was reading the newspaper, it was the same. So as I see it, manners are getting worse, but every elder generation feels the difference way stronger. Manners are all about making other people feel comfortable with each other. But of course their is a difference between the Middle Ages and today.