Do you know how the UK is governed and who lives there? Watch the first of a new series of videos on UK life and institutions. 


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In my opinion the UK and the World they are have the ideas and capacity for the adaptation the all cultures in a only place.

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it was a great topic!!!! I've learned a lot of things from this material !!! thank you British Council.!!

Religion and the state has been always connected since you read the Bible..Why is it like that? maybe because human beings make mistakes, when this happen,  religious are near to show the way, even though all religions believe  in God and even they know His ten Commands...people don´t worry about them any more, every one thinks I'm the first, the second and the third... they get selfish... to survive you do whatever is at your handle now-a-days... and as consequence today many people look for a better future; so they immigrate. And to create a multicultural society is hard when the immigrant doesn' t have in mind he should respect the country where he is received. 

The truth about religion in the British Islands is an interesting theme for academics. Despite many differences of points of view, nowadays most recognize that the roots of Christianity came from the Catholic Monasteries. These houses were not only a source of faith but also of knowledge. I got a sad feeling when I saw the pictures of those beautiful historic buildings that were torn down in York by the hate of those that wanted power for them upon the people. 

many information were new to me actually.
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england taday represts the world's culture since it was great empire ''sun naver goes down in our empire '' so now it holds the hestorical responsability over prevoise sattelments ''indea ....''

In my opinion the UK and the World they are have the ideas and the capacity for the adaptation the all cultures in a only place

In Britain, religion and state are not separated, but practitioners of any religion have many rights. I think this system allows a lot of freedom. Even if the Church of England is the official church, there are a lot of Protestant churches that have a social role for everyone (as the Salvation Army).
Religion is also a part of identity for a country, such as language, history, way of life. Giving up its official religion, it might be like giving up a part of identity.
I think it is difficult to create a genuinely multicultural society, because the world loses its diversity.