Oussama, a Syrian man living in Turkey, talks about how important education and English are for his life and future.


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I agree with him. Education help we have a good job

I do agree with Oussama, in fact education is the key of success, without knowledge it is quiet difficult to find opportunities to improve your life. Once you are educated it is easy to get job to take care of family and make your dreams come true.

Yes,I’m agree with what he says. Education is absolutely important. It gives you the instruments to understand what happens around you and it also gives you the opportunity to live a good life.

Yes I agree. Education is the most for human being, especially for our generation. You know, even if animal has a education.

I am agree with you, Oussama. Eduacation is very important for human being in all aspests. Everyone should have a chance to get higher education without discriminations to build peace and development in their society.

I do agree with Oussama. Education is very important. In France, even if it's difficult to find a job due to unemployement period, when you have a higher education you are more possibility to find a good job.

yes, I agree with Oussama.
the education is very important especially for Syrian youngs who left Syria because of the war in their region. Those youngs after the graduate a lot of them will come back to Syria and share in building the destroy cities. According to the parents and family, they will be prided for their success.

yes, i agree.
Education is very important for people

I`m agree for him say kind, but not for all.
Unfortunately, tradition education departed from reality. I am more interested in acquiring new skills, rather than trying to know the knowledge.

yes, i agree.
Education is very important for people