Have you always lived in the same place, or have you lived in different places? Watch this short video to see why some people start a new life in a new country.


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.

Task 1

Check your understanding: true or false





living in another country could be a good opprortunity to start a new life.

I have left my country for six years ago because of civil war to find better Place to live. It very difficult to leave Everything behind.

I have left my country for more experiences.

This level of speaking is still easy to understand. It's good to have real situations taken from real life. Thank you

I have a dream to migrate to USA to find a better life than I have in Ukraine now. In my country people work 12 hours in a day and have very small wage that less the cost of living so we don't have enough money to buy clothes, not to mention entertainment.
Sometime I'll migrate too! But I'm not sure if this is the right solution.

The situation in Ukraine is very diffult and stressfull. Due to events a lot of young people, especially men and gues, migrate to different countries. I think it will be better to travel to other countries, not to migrate. But we are trying to find better life and bettet job than in Ukraine.

I've left my country for more opportunities.

I think I could leave my country and eveything there if my life is in danger, but I would try to move in a new country with my husband or my family. If is possibile. It would be different thing if I wanted to leave my country because of work and I was young.

Very interesting video. Yes, people are not native speakers of English. But for me it's important to understand the real language, besides that native English. Please, upload many videos in this area, native o not native English. It's an important exercise to improve.

I'm agree with you.
We need to hear native speakers of English.