Do you know what a 'toddler' is? Do these exercises and learn this and other words to talk about people's appearance.




It was a good exercise to everyone could take this test.

Hello everyone !
Let me see , I have two years old niece who is a toddler now , she is relly so cute and start to learn to speak too .
now let´s try to describe a famous person , he is bald with a grey goatee , almost 50 years old , fat and médium size , he is a famous actor and has been making a lot os films

Hello! I will describe my brother: he has short brown curly hair, green eyes, he slim and handsome because he my twin-brother =) Please tell me about my mistakes. Thanks!

hi all! i'd like to tell you something about my uncle, he is my father's younger brother. He's middle-age now, so he has a grey hair, his beard was changed from black to white also. he have black eyes because he's asian, though he has a high nose, white skin. Generally, he looks very handsome.

I will describe a person who doesn't exist; I will use imagination. He (or she) is tall, thin, with straight hair, blue eyes, without beard (if he's a man!), middle-aged.

I am almost bald, aged 59 this year. I was told when I was a teenager that I would be bald soon by some of my friends. They were right!

I try to describe my husband. He is handsome. My husband has beard because he doesn't like to shave. His hair is curly that's why he prefers to have short hair.
What about famous person? She is actress. She is beautiful. She isn't young. Her hair is long and straight and blond. But I think her native colour is dark.

He is a famous Pakistani cricketer, he is tall and beard with straight dark hair.

He has blonde short hair , handsome face & glasses men who is the top player Miracle for dota 2 esports.

my name is Philippe, I have short grey hair, a beard and, of course, I'm not a teenager.