Do the exercises to learn words for different kinds of clothes.




I love to wear t-shirt, jeans and trainers for my usual style when I go to school. It makes me feel comfortable fot daily activities. At night, when I hang out with friends, I like to wear flower top, skirt and sandal. In special events, I wear lovely dress with high heels to become self-confident.

I like to wear jeans and shirt. In winters wear i so jacket.

Actually i like wear anything of clothes

Regularly, I wear a shirt and jeans, with belt and shoes. I put a coat, a jacket or a blazer when it is cold or in more formal meetings, and just a T-shirt when it is hot or when I am in leisure time. Sometimes I use a hat too.

I like to wear top trousers and trainers

I'd like to wear jeans with black t-shirt, but when I have business meeting I wear suit and tie

I like wear comfortable clothes.Usually I like wear plain t- shirt and jeans.

Usually, I like to wear jeans and a top or a T-shirt, with sneakers. When the weather is cold, I prefer coats and leather boots.

I like to wear a nice t-shirt jeans and nice trainers when i go out to a cinema or resturant.

I like to wear t- shirt, shirt in summer. I like to wear jumper and jacket. I dont like to wear coat.