Learn words for everyday objects by doing these exercises.




When i go out usually i carry out my keys, mobile phone and sometimes when i go work my brief case,... I don't like to carry a wallet in my pocket because i don't bear it so i carry just a necessry with me; my identity card and some money...

When i go out, usually i carry wallet and mobile phone.

It depends on where my go out:P
When I go out for work, I bring my briefcase.
When I go out for shopping, I bring my wallet or purse.
When I go out for short trip, I bring my rucksack and ticket.
Can not be same every time.

When I go out I usually carry my purse.Inside of my purse I carry necessery things for girl.

When i go out i carry a string bag and in there i have reading glasses,wallet front door keys. And medical bus pass.

When i go out i usually take my mobile phone and my purse with myself.

when i go out i carry with me my keys, my purse and my glasses.

I carry wallet and mobile phone.

i often wear reading glasses

often i carry my cell phone and my scooter keys, some times i carry my laptop in my shoulder bag.