What clothes are in the pictures?



Very good exercises

Good exercise!!

Thank you !!! It's smart to know with image.

what's the different between hoodie and jacket?

Hello Azwa,

I could try to write a definition of these but the simplest thing is to do an image search via Google or similar. That will show you the difference, which will be much clearer than any written definition.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Doesnt work this game

Hello Tarawat,

I've checked the page and it appears to be working fine, so I can only guess that there is a compatibility issue with the page and your device. The game requires flash-compatibility, so if you are using a mobile device (a phone or tablet, for example) then this may be a problem. If you can, try accessing the page from a different device (a laptop or desktop computer) to see if this solves the problem.


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It is a good way to remember, association of words with images.

No working, somebody fix this?