Do you know what the names of these types of food are?


Thanks From The Test

I think it easy for us :D so very useful :)

These are very good for those who want to learn English at primary level

I can't drag the name of tags,why?

Hello htetinzali,

This is not a 'drag-and-drop' exercise but rather a 'tap-and-tap'. This means that you have to press ('tap') the word you want and then press the space where you want it to go. It will then move there. 

I think that should help you, but if it's still not clear, please let me know.

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Dear Sir
I am new in this Site please tell me how i can start the course and i have tested my self and that was 40 % of my skill in English.
Thanks and hope to co-operate me

Hello Mohammad,

We don't offer a course here at LearnEnglish, what we offer are resources that you can use as you wish to improve your English. I'd recommend you read our Getting started and Frequently asked questions pages first, which give ideas on how to get the most out of LearnEnglish. Good luck!

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100% very good

Dear Sir/Madam,
One of my great expectations is to talk with RPpronunciation .my question is what difference is between an Oxford and Cambridge pronunciaton ,thank you