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Just like this! This is a reply to your comment; simply do the same thing you did to post your question.

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I am a new user please help by giving some tips to speaking in ielts exam

Hello syedshaheen,

Welcome to LearnEnglish. The best place to go for information, advice and practice materials for the IELTS exam is the British Council's TakeIELTS site, which is specially designed for people planning to take the exam.

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hello sir, i want to know....i had a car and i would have a car. are they both same........and aslo, i could have a car...pls help me out

no they are not the same.
I had a car but I sold it.
I would have a car but I don't have enough money.
I could have a car , but I prefer to go on the bus.

Hello Paul,

This is a verb in the present perfect form, which is composed of the verb 'have' + a past participle. The past participle of 'learn' is 'learnt' or 'learned', so 'I have learnt a lot' is the correct form. Note that 'a lot' is two words, not one.

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