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I posted my first comment today and found "Your comment is awaiting moderation." and Unpublished Comment......What does it mean? When will my comment be published?

Hello axu,

All users see this message because e moderate all comments before they are published. We're sorry that there is this delay, but we feel it is important to keep LearnEnglish free from spam and inappropriate content.

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Dear sir .peter. I have a confusion in following sentenced.

Could you please tell me . where is the post office?
Could you please tell me where the post office is?

Which is correct?

Hello englishlearner2015,

The second sentence is the correct one for the vast majority of situations.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Dear teacher. I am new learner.
I have conjugated a veeb in sentences kindly check.
I wash my class cloths.
I am washing my cloths.
I have washed my cloths.
I have been washing my cloths for half an hour.

I washed my cloths.
I was washing my cloths.
I had washed my cloths.
I had been washing my cloths for half an hour ago

I will wash my cloths.
I will be washing my cloths.
I will have washed nmy cloths.
I will have been washing my cloths for half an hour ago.

Hello englishlearner2015,

Your verb forms are correct - well done. Remember, though, that the key to using language is to understand how it is used in context for meaningful communication rather than just manipulation of the form.

NB - Be careful with plural forms as some are irregular. We can say 'cloths' but if we are talking about what we wear then we say 'clothes'.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Please admin.,how can I get an IETLS counselor here in nigeria