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I asked aquestion before but I didn't find my comment or your reply .what's wrong?

Hello Mayyada,

Do you mean this question? If so, I answered it just below. If you mean that you posted a comment on this page that didn't get published, did it break the House Rules in some way? If so, that's why it didn't get published. If not, then please post it again - it's possible that it was deleted by mistake, but we are very careful about this, so I doubt that's what happened. Or if it was an open question that we thought you wanted other users to answer, that may be why we didn't answer.

In any case, please note that we use our discretion in answering comments. We do our best to help, but it is not our main work and we provide it free of charge, so please be patient with us.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

.yes that's my question but why I didn't find it before, I need to figure out because the next time I could find it easly. thank u for your help any way. ☺

Hello Vijender,

Have you tried making words plural by adding an 's' (when there is one)? That's one easy trick. Perhaps other users will share other ideas.

Best regards,
The LearnEnglish Team

I mean to say , how can I increase my vocabulary. However, I have dictionary other stuff but don`t know how to use the word in actual situation.