What's the best way of making a comparison? Rob and Stephen talk about comparatives and superlatives.


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In one of task 2 examples: "I think you are a bit taller than me."
Why do you use "me", but not "I" there?
It's similar the sentence "You know it better than I (know)."

Hello Oksana L,

In English both the subject pronoun and the object pronoun are used after 'than', but the latter is more common. Both of these, for example, are standard use:

You know it better than I.

You know it better than me.

Even though the the second sentence can be ambiguous and appear grammatically non-standard, it is the way that the language has evolved. On LearnEnglish we take a descriptive approach to grammar, describing English as it is actually used.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you very much for explaining!

In one of task 2 examples: My older brother is getting married next month.
I always use elder instead of older, which one is correct?

Hello Cee,

Both 'elder' and 'older' are fine here. I would say 'older' is more common but both are perfectly correct.


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The LearnEnglish Team

This is better than before

Thanks, I enjoyed it.

1)there is no water in the glass.
2)there is little water in the glass.
3)there is no difference in meaning.
4)there is little difference in meaning.
plzz tell me the meanings of these lines.

this is the boy think who had won the dance competition........ Is this line grammatically correct?

Hello innocentashish420,

In these sentences 'no' means 'not any' or 'zero', while 'little' means 'not much' or 'a very small amount'.

Your sentence at the end is not grammatically correct. I do not know what 'think' is doing in the sentence; if you remove this word then the sentence is correct, but would also be correct with 'won' instead of 'had won'. Without knowing the context it is not possible for me to be sure which would be better.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello teacher, i think i need your assistance. The sentence in number 7 (task 2) , the answer is :" The most difficult thing about English is the pronunciation", so how about : " The most difficult thing is about the Enlish pronunciation" ? Because i suppose that it is also Ok :)
Could you explain for me? I am very thankful to you