Rob talks about verb patterns and explains how some verbs are used together.


Watch the video and then complete the Tasks.




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Rub is a very good teacher. Thanks Rub

Thank you for your good website. I have a suggestion, I think original videos on BBC website are more complete, could you please use all of the video not parts of it?(It seems that songs and seat on street and ... have been deleted)

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That's a good question, but the reason is that the BBC only have the right to use the music (which comes from somewhere else) on their site. We don't have the same legal rights to use the music, so we can't put it up here.
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Thanks a lot British Council,for giving us the opportunity to improve our english for free!

In my opinion, using two verbs together is one of the most confusing situations when speaking english because is hard to memorize when to use infinitive to or gerund. However, the best way to get used to using it properly is to practise a lot.
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It's helpful. Do you have specific verb that we use with gerund or infinitive with to or infinitive without to??
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