Rob talks about verb patterns and explains how some verbs are used together.


Watch the video and then complete the Tasks.




Hello, doctor.hninthazin!
As I said in my reply to your other comment, I'm happy you like our Word on the Streets videos enough to download them! Unfortunately, however, for legal reasons, we cannot put these videos up for download, although you are welcome to watch them as many times as you like on our site.
If you want to be able to practice English offline or using an mp3 player, some of our recordings can be downloaded. Try our Elementary Podcasts, for example.
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Hi!Could you Adam tell me how to write down a vocabulary!!I get confused with it

Hello cesurlu!
I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean “what are the most important things I need to write down and remember about a new word?” If so, then what my learners often find most useful are:

  • the word – (make sure you spell it correctly!)
  • any different or unusual forms (such as mouse, mice)
  • the meaning – use an English definition or your own language.
  • If you have trouble saying English words, knowing something like the IPA can help with pronunciation.

I also recommend that my students write down one or two example sentences using the word – either from the book where you found the word, or from a good learner's dictionary.
If you keep this information in a booklet or on a card or even in our own MyWordBook app, you can look at it as often as you want until you can remember the word.
Hope that helps!

Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

can i get web link to download english lerning material?

Hello zuto!
I'm afraid not all of our material is available for download. The word on the street videos can not be downloaded for legal reasons. However, some of our other material does have downloadable versions. For example, our Elementary English podcast is available as an mp3. Just have a look round the site!
Jeremy Bee
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hello very good and interesting courses

Really it's wonderful .

Hello dear colleagues 
Hopefully you're enjoy learning as well as I do?
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Hello everybody.
I really like the way as the teacher explain the subject.
His English is very clear and easy to understand.
I hope to watch more and more episodes of this series.