Rob talks about verb patterns and explains how some verbs are used together.


Watch the video and then complete the Tasks.




I've tried all the tasks.  I have been trough them very successfully,   This is really a wonderful and pragmatic way of teaching/learning English.  Every episode is well shot and made quite made easy for enthusiasts.  
Well done, everybody at British Council.

Hello teachers, 
I've noticed something and Ii don't know if it is right or not. But it made me confused.
Rob the teacher here in this vedio was talking about verbs and mention this verb and wrote it down like this practice with c  at 1:54 of this vedio. And then in task 2, You've written practise with s.
So which one is the right verb practise or practice???

Hi Me3rag

In British English: practise = verb and practice = noun.

Someone told me that the best way to remember it is to think of the verb advise. ​It follows the same pattern: "Let me advise you..." "Let me give you a piece of advice..."

Unfortunately, in American English - both the verb and noun are spelt like the British noun - practice. When I use a word processor on my computer, it automatically "corrects" me and inserts the American version. This means that sometimes, I end up writing the wrong word by mistake.



The LearnEnglish Team


I am really glad to find these learning tools. I am to improve my English as fast as possible  so tell me how can i use this site.

Hello Koffi,
Can you explain what you want to know about using the site? There are lots of pages which you can use to practise your English.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I always confuse, when I have to say  -ing or infinitive, but I think I don´t confuse it anymore. Thank you.

I am so glad to find this site. Only last week I sent a letter to the peace corps site in Kazakhstan asking if they know any nice English teaching classes or have any activities for reasonable price. I was really disappointed to get an reply from them that they do not know and now I found this site and very happy. I am just loving it here 

i started working here two years ago
i started to work here two years ago
in these two sentences he said that the meaning is same and after that he said that there are some verbs were the meaning changes........i want to know the examples of such verbs.......plse do tell me.........

here he said that if u use verb with both to and ing the meaning changes. can i get some examples.......plse.......