Stephen and Ashlie realise they have quite similar ideas about what their Mum would like, but Ashlie soon gets distracted from the task in hand!


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I shop in the market in my country - Guinea, compare to Britain markets, it's litle bit different, those stuff are layed down and those expose on market table. stuff are not dear.
There are many rows and corners and those who do not have fix place, they have to walk while selling their goods.

Sometimes I shop in center market in my city. I think it's similar and there are a lot of stuff like that, and you can buy without you spend much money.


Can anybody help, I don't know how to watch the video, I mean I can't find where to play it...


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Hello all of you,,,

I am listing to conversation many times it's so fantastic i am very proud to become member with you...


Hello, I'm Khanh from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Here in Vietnam, there are lots of market and shops to buy food, clothes and many other stuffs. I think markets in Vietnam have some similar and differents compare to Britain.

Hello, I am Tinna From China. There are many place where you could buy clothes,shoes and snacks. We call those place pedestrian street. Besides, nearly every city have pedestrian.

Hi, I'm Bibi. Yes. we do have markets in my country. But we call them" BazaR", it's almost the same as in UK, only one thing UK market looks like more modern as in my country.

Hello guys, I'm Raissa from Mauá, Brazil and here we have a lot of similar markets and called "shopping popular". There are a cheap clothes, food and tech-things.

Hi guys,
I'm Noemy, from China, I grew up in Italy though. I remember when I was child I used to shop in markets with my grand-mother in China. But it's more about the food, actually there are also a lot of markets like Camden. To be honest I'd been recently in England and the Camden town is a little bit more different in term of entertainment.