Rob explains question forms and expressions people use when they go shopping.


Watch the video. Then go to Task and do the activities.




Hi every one, How is it going? How much useful this kind of learning, I have suggestion : How about online chat together instead of putting comment by this way?

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Online chats are a great way to practise your English, but I'm afraid we don't offer a forum for that. In addition, in order to protect our users' privacy, our House Rules don't allow users to share personal information (email address, phone numbers, etc.), so I'm afraid you won't be able to meet people here for that. A good place to look for ideas on how to do this is our Facebook page, where you'll find all kind of ideas and advice on how to improve your English in a variety of ways.

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It is a shock for me that "how do you do?" is old fashion and unusable>
thanks alot.

Thank you very much. It is interesting.

Candem Scene 1 is a very interesting short story to learn about common expressión in the spoken English, like How's it going?

I love it

thanks! Mr.kirk
i really interested read comments most than videos its very helpful.
i ask about the modern way to say who do you do , as Rop said that in the video
thanks a lot.

Please help me to answer this quetion
Question 21
Jolie and Tom are meeting at the supermarket.
- Jolie :" Hi, Tom. How are you doing?"
- Tom: " _________. How about you?"
A. I'm waiting for my sister
B. I'm shopping for food.
C. I'm doing nothing.
D. I'm doing well.

Which one is correct?

I'm shopping for food