Now Ashlie has found her new flat, there's only the packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking to do. What could possibly go wrong?


Can you put the sentences in the right order?



Task 2

Select the best option to complete the sentences.



Task 3

Reorder the words to give ways of asking for help.




Hi teacher,
Stephen says "I want to make this chair look really nice for her new flat ". Is "make" working as a causative verb?. Why doesn't "look" end with a "s"?
Thanks a lot

Hi Sonia,

Yes, 'make' here is a causative verb, and that is why there is no 's' on the end of 'look'. The structure is [make something + verb] with the verb in the infinitive; hence 'look' not 'looks'.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you Peter ,

You've thoroughly explained the problem , as you always do .
Thank you very much indeed .

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Hello Teachers ,

here , at the end of the episide Ashlie says : Right . Er , Stephen , what's this ? These were the boxes you were supposed to get rid of .
Why does Ashlie use WERE ? I think as the boxes are in the room at the moment when she says so , she should use ARE .... or I'm wrong ?

Thank you',

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Hello iliya_b,

You are correct here. Strictly, Ashlie should use a present form and say 'are'. However, natural spoken language often contains these kinds of slips and changes - not only in English. I'm sure if you think about how you use your own language then you'll recognise that slips, hesitation, false starts, mistakes and so on are all quite common. The audio materials on LearnEnglish are designed to be good examples of natural English rather than scripted artificial English - and this kind of example is proof of that!

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The LearnEnglish Team

I’ve filled all these boxes already (said Ash). Is it possible to place already between I've and filled : I'v already filled ? thank you !!!!

Hello apc -

Yes, that's perfectly fine!


The LearnEnglish Team

hello , Nice video. interesting !!. still, it's the thought that counts . he wants to make a surprise gift for her even though everything had messed out. In Egypt we have the same custom of giving a nice present to our friends when they move into a new flat . Actually I am so organized person and i will get upset if what happens to Ashely happens to me. I can't stand loosing any of my stuff. Oh poor Ashely !!! .