Now Ashlie has found her new flat, there's only the packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking to do. What could possibly go wrong?



Hello English team!
What happened with Dictionary online? I can't look up any words. Can you help me?
I think it's having some error?

Hello Chu Anh Quan,

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. I've checked and it appears to be working correctly, so I can only guess that it is a local problem. Perhaps you could try using a different browser or device to see if that helps - sometimes there is a compatibility issue with such things.


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This part was so funny. Thank you.

Hi teacher,
Stephen says "I want to make this chair look really nice for her new flat ". Is "make" working as a causative verb?. Why doesn't "look" end with a "s"?
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Hi Sonia,

Yes, 'make' here is a causative verb, and that is why there is no 's' on the end of 'look'. The structure is [make something + verb] with the verb in the infinitive; hence 'look' not 'looks'.

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Thank you Peter!
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You've thoroughly explained the problem , as you always do .
Thank you very much indeed .

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Hello Teachers ,

here , at the end of the episide Ashlie says : Right . Er , Stephen , what's this ? These were the boxes you were supposed to get rid of .
Why does Ashlie use WERE ? I think as the boxes are in the room at the moment when she says so , she should use ARE .... or I'm wrong ?

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