Carmen looks at the different food that people in Britain enjoy eating and talks about how food in Britain comes from all over the world.


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Hello! My name is Anne and I'm Reunionese (from Reunion Island, France).
Thank you for this interesting and amazing video :) I want to share with you my favourite food.

So, I like Indian food that I find it very tasty and spicy. My favourite dish is Fish Curry.
In my island, two of our typical dishes are Goat Curry and Rougail Saussice ( a preparation with sausages, tomatoes and some spicies).
If someone is interested by know the recipes of these two dishes, you can ask me :-)

Thanks you for attention.

Hello! I'm from Kuzbass, Kemerovo! My favourite dish is the risoto. I love when there are a lot of spices. And I love the sweet and this custard waffie!!!
Thank you!Good luck evereone!

Hello. My name is Marina. I'm from Russia, Kuzbass. I want to say that information in the video very intresting. And I want to tell you about my favourite food. It are apples, mandarines, strawberry, patatoes with chiken or sausage and borscht. Good luck!

Hello! I'm from Siberia!
Thank you very much indeed for this video!
This video really useful for me, because i like eat! :)
I enjoy Italian and Russian cuisine, of course.
My lovely dish is Italian pizza.
Thank you for attention!!!!!!!!!!:)

Hello from Russia! I like Turkish food becouse its very tasty! My favourite dish is dolma.

Hello!I'm from Kemerovo
Thank you very much for videos materials. Ilike home made food very much. Because, its delicious and it's healthy in a way that you know what ingridients were used while making it. I don't like fastfood because it's a very harmful food.
Most of all I love to cook "Caesar" salad with shrimps.
And I love tatar cusine, for example:" azu" and "chak-chak"

Thank you for attention!!:)

Hello! I want to say thank you for this amazing video!
I'm from Russia and i really like our national food. Of course, borshch is my favourite meal. However, i'd prefer Norwagian food. Fish is my weakness. And i advise you eat more fish.

Thank you very much indeed. This video is very interesting and useful. I love cooking and I like eating food.I always try to find some new recipes and cook it. My family like how I cook. At the all holidays l surprised my relatives.
Some of the popular dishes in my country Russia are borshch, pelemene, salo, vegetable's salad. And my favourite one is fried meat.

Thank you very much indeed for this video. It is very interesting and useful. I am from Russia. In my country people likes national food. for example borshch. In Russia peoples very likes a bread. They are eatings bread with oll dish.
I like Ukrainian, Italian and of course Russian cuisine.
My favourite foods are soup, meat, salad and others. In the morning i like eating porridge with fruit. For lanch - chiken with rice, and for dinner - yoghurt with fruit.
Thank you for you site!!

It's very interesting and useful for my English! Thanks! I'm from Siberia and we likes very different food (not only borshch orpotsticker). We have different kinds of cuisine. I often delivery Italian pizza, but my friend adores Japanese foods (for exampl rolls). She can eats it every day! But my day always starts with light breakefast (for example mush or bread and butter) and binding upon coffie or somertimes very hot tea. I don't imagine my life without meat. I never will be vegetarian.