It's party time for Ashlie and Stephen - but which costumes to choose?




ın my country halloween doesn't celebrate

Oh my Gosh! Tis video is amazing and so funny. And Stephen is so handsome boy!!! I am in love! Thanks for this video!

They make faces from pumpkins and the children knock the doors and want sugar.
No,I can't

I have flash player update version but I can't play video.

Hello pakdrum,

Have you tried using a different browser or device? I've just checked the video and it plays fine on my computer. After trying another browser or two, and another device if possible, if it still doesn't work for you, please let us know what operating system you're using, what browser and what browser version.

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I didn't know the halloween is celebrated in England. Very helpful videos.

Hello. Could you explain me what means this phrase "there we go" ( OK, just the mouth to go and there we go.). Thank you.

Hello Prime,

This is a phrase which is very much context-dependent. In this context it means something like 'now we're ready'.


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Hello. Can you explain to me two phares? i don't understand correctly. Thanks in advance!
1. let’s take a look at you
2. let’s have a look

Hello Vu Dang Dinh,

'take a look' and 'have a look' both mean 'look'. Normally, the preposition 'at' is used before the person or object that is being looked at. 

By the way, there are many similar expressions using 'have' and 'take', which you can learn more about on our delexical verbs page. You can also often find them in the dictionary.

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