Ashlie, Stephen and their cousins are going to the beach, but the British summer turns nasty on them. What is there to do in Britain when the weather is bad?


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I repeated the scene 1 milion times but i cannot understand: "i hope it does not rain or we wont able to go"

Hello izzetshn,

Ashlie does speak that sentence very quickly and so the words all kind of mash together. It's good that you've listened to the sentence many, many times, but if you still don't understand it after that, I'd recommend just leaving it and coming back to it another day. Perhaps after listening to more episodes, you'll get more used to her voice and the way she speaks such that in another couple of weeks this sentence will be more comprehensible for you.

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The LearnEnglish Team

''So much for the British summer!'', What does it mean?

Hello Akbar Safi,

This is an ironic statement. Britain is a country more famous for its rain than its hot summers and this sentence means something like 'Well, that's all we can expect from the British summer.'


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The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you so much Sir.

Hello Team.
Stephen : It's not going to rain, it's summer! Stop worrying. Come on.
Could I switch 'Stop worrying' here into 'Stop being worry'?
What's the difference between them?
Would you like to explain, please?
Thank you very much.

Hello Nizam,

No, I'm afraid that wouldn't be correct, because 'worry' is not an adjective. If you used 'worried' (which is an adjective), it would be grammatically correct, but not natural. This is because the verb 'worry' is used instead of 'being worried' to talk about the emotional/mental state of worrying. And this is what Stephen is talking about -- Ashlie worrying around the present time, i.e. it's something she's still doing.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you for explaining, Kirk!
That's what I was looking for.
This explanation has a hub with my previous question. Everyting is clear now.
Thanks again, Kirk!

When the weather always change ,I feel tired . I like the sunny weathers and by the way the rainly weathers are dangerous because at that time driving can be so dangerous

I've never travel to UK but I love the whether' England. I live in Chihuahua, Mexico and the whether here it's extreme