Notting Hill Carnival grew out of Caribbean traditions. Today, it is an event where all cultures come together. As Nick’s been finding out, the UK truly is multicultural.


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"Young people ...... have a very different experience of growing up to their parents."
I did not exactly understand the meaning of " to their parents". Should not be " from their parents"?

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Hello Arda,

Both 'different to' and 'different from' are correct. There is no difference in meaning.


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Have you ever visited or lived somewhere with a different culture?
I lived and visited many cities of my country. they almost have different culture. It was immigrated many people from around cities.

How multicultural is the place where you live?
I live in Tehran. It is really multicultural city. people live here with many different culture, different language, different food and...
Is there more immigration to or emigration from your country?
yes. there are more people that emigrate to our country from around country like Afghanistan and there are more people in my country that emigrate to other country including European countries. and I think this isn,t good event. because I wish all of country will be suitable and calm for own people

Some of videos had HD qualities, some didn't have HD qualities. To be honest, the quality of video was not good as much as I hope. I made a video also, not professional but I made them good even though I made the quality of video with qHD.

I thought that the first immigrants of UK were Indian.

Some of my friends have settled in Britain. I think now I won't.