Stephen and Ashlie see some of Northern Ireland's sights, and then head to the Atlantic Ocean for surfing lessons.




I've never been in Northern Island or even Europe,but I lived in New Zealand few years ago.This video's taken me to the sceneries which we saw in South Island.Still love that country.Thanks for the nice video and the nice lesson

I've never been to Northern Ireland, I've watched some movies about it, most of them were historical ; some reports too.
I took two windsurfing lessons in La Réunion Island. Now I live in New Caledonia. I learnt windsurfing there but I don't practice anymore.
A few years ago I went in the waves with a Stand Up Paddle, It's easier than with a short board.

I never ever have tried surfing lessons but I have plenty admiration for the people that practice this sport. The North and all Irish coast are ideal to do surfing, in fact to do surfing and see the beatiful coastline are ones of many reason because the tourist visit this country.

No, I haven't
No, I don't
No, I haven't

no ı dont but ı want to do surfing

I think surfing is very enjoyable, I may learn it one day.

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I find your comment very useful for me !

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Hello Teachers ,

I was just wondering could we change 'basics' with 'basis' here , when instructor says : We're going to start off with the basics of surfing .

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Hello iliya_b,

If you changed 'basics' to 'basis', it would be grammatically correct and would also make some sense, though the meaning would be a little bit different. I'd recommend you treat 'the basics of X' as a fixed expression – it's a common way of speaking about the fundamental knowledge or skills needed to understand or do something.

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