Amandeep visits Belfast, Northern Ireland's capital city, to find out how street art shows the city's difficult history and promises a brighter future.




Some people draw graffiti to express themselves, give an opinion or something. Others make that without any reasons, and it's not really beautiful.
In my opinion, it has a place in the city, as playground decorations, some areas dedicated to it, museums...

I agree with you! some graffiti are very beautiful...

Poeple do graffiti because they want to show their ideas freely that's why they love this. You can find graffitti lots of place in İstanbul,for example in narrow streets, in big squares, in parks etc.

They want to be free and because of this they're doing graffiti
Absolutely yes.

I think people love drawing graffiti. And also in Istanbul there are places which have been drawn graffiti.

We had a topic about this in Englisch lesson at six form college called Gymnasium. English is spelt differently.


I like so much this web page!! You can practice English while you're learning about history and interesting facts and places... I really love it! :D

That was very interesting. I love Irish music, riverdance and wild sceneries. Now I learned new things about the urban life. I hope I'll have the opportunity to visit it (but not the hunted hotel !! I am not as courageous as Ashlie ) ... Thank you, looking forward new videos.