Stephen and Ashlie both dance their way through the carnival, but will they be able to find each other in their costumes?


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To avoid losing my friend at a big event, we take a cellphone, I think it's the most convenient.
I expect to see costumes of flowers, animals, insects like butterflies or spiders. It depends on the topic of the carnival.

One more convenient method is to communicate through mobile phones, either calling or sending the exact location through different mobile apps like find me application.
Because of an enormous diversity of cultures in London, I expect to see lots of costumes that reflect the merge of habits for all people living there.

The street party is so great!!! I want to take part in and dance ^-^.

Hi teacher,
I have a question to you. Ashlie said: " So how long will we be dancing for?"
why is the future continuous tense ?
İs it correct to say " So how long will we dance for? " ?

Hi nguyenminh2501,

Both forms are possible here, but there is a difference in emphasis. If you use will dance then you are treating it as one act; if you use will be dancing then you are thinking about an activity which is spread over time and may be comprised of many short individual dances with breaks between them. The difference is largely one of emphasis and is a question of speaker choice, but I would say that the second option is more likely in most cases.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you so much for your support !

Hello nguyenminh2501,

Ashlie and the dancers are talking about thinking about the period of time when they'll be dancing as a whole – the future continuous is usually the best tense to use in cases like this one. Ashlie could say use the simple future ('How long will we dance for?') but the future continuous works a bit better here, since they're talking about the dancing as a whole.

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The LearnEnglish Team

i got it, thank you so much !

hii teacher
what does "i am not taking the underground wearing this costume" mean ?

Hello kanishka sharma,

Ashlie means that she doesn't want to go on the underground (the tube) while she's wearing the costume, presumably because it would be too uncomfortable or she'd be too embarrassed to do so.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team