Rob talks about '-ing' and '-ed' adjectives and the words 'so' and 'such'.


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Hi venerated teachers!
I have strongly determined to learn British accent and English. For this I've progressed a lot during my one year effort. I'll continue my this desirable work in future. I've gained so much from your this platform, especially.

What about "Me either"?
does it have the same meaning as "me neither". if not, what?

Hello Anh Duong Dang,

The standard form is to use 'me neither' after a negative verb to agree; it's an alternative to 'Neither do I'. For example, 'My sister doesn't like chocolate' -- 'Neither do I'/'Me neither'.

In some varieties of English, however, you might hear people say 'me either'. But the standard form is 'me neither' in the case I explained above.

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hi, what the difference between 'i can' and 'i could'.

Hi Islam Muhammad El-Awady,

We actually have a page on precisely this topic! You can find it here.

When you have a question about grammar it's worth taking a look at our grammar pages - you can often find the topic there.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks a lot .I was little confused when I used these words But now I know exactly how to use these words,

Thanks very much! Such a good explanation.

That's was really helpful, I like Rob's lessons it's make many things clear..Thank you so much the Learn English Team

Hi! I improve my english with you. Grammar and video is very interesting, useful and informative for me. Thank you very much The LearnEnglish Team for your job . The best regards, Lena from Ukraine.

Hello Ien4180,

We're very glad that you're improving by using our materials – that's what we're here for! Thanks for letting us know, and good luck!

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