The purpose of an Explanation is to demonstrate or develop understanding of the object of study, and the ability to describe and/or account for its significance.


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Hi everyone, I‘m new here and I want to write a paragraph. Can anyone help me how to make a good one? . I need to learn please because I‘m taking the Toefl test and it requires that I need to write a paragraph.

Hello aeris15,

There are many different kinds of paragraph, so it's hard to give you any concrete advice.  How you should write it depends on what you have to write, for what audience and purpose.  You might write in different styles (formal, neutral or informal) and organise it in different ways depending on this.

Of course, any piece of writing should have accurate grammar and vocabulary and should use a range of structures, but anything more specific than that will depend upon the kind of paragraph you are writing.  I suggest you take a look at some examples from the test you are going to take, which should be available from the organisers of the test, and that will give you the best idea.  The British Council is one of the co-owners of the IELTS test and you can find this sort of information, plus practice papers and preparation tips, on the Take IELTS website; you should be able to find something similar for the test you wish to take.

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hi everybody,I want speak,write and understand good

hi, all i'm new comer. i love writing about anything. my english is weak, so i join this group and i hope i can inmprove my english. I love writing but in indonesia languange. i feel dificult to write in english. when i start to write current topic and then sudenly the idea is lost. someone said to me for wrote everyday altaough only one paper, write about anything. how keep spirit of writing?? 

"you should do free wraiting," said my teacher. you can do it. anything do it. I from Indonesia. greeting.. hehe

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Hi Retno
Why do you write? Perhaps you like to write just for yourself, as a way of reflecting on your life and your experiences, or perhaps you like to write as a means of communicating with other people. If this is the case, do you want to entertain them, or persuade them, or show them what you know?  Do you have to write in English for your studies?
I think the first step towards writing effectively is to examine your reasons for writing. The purpose of your writing will affect its language and its structure - a story, a diary entry, an essay and a lab report are all organized differently and contain different kinds of vocabulary, for example.
Our 'Writing for a Purpose' exercises are designed to help people who have to write in English for their university studies. Start on the introduction page and then think about the primary purpose of the text you want to write Then you can choose the exercises and examples that will be most useful to you.
Enjoy them!
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I am very weak in writing cloud you please help me to teach how to write any eassy .