Episode 5


Sarah goes for an interview with Marcia and Philip.



Before you watch

We suggest you do the vocabulary activities below before you watch. Then watch the video and do the task to check your understanding. You can read the transcript at any stage if you want. Finally, have a look at Task 2, which contains some business notes and a further vocabulary activity on adjectives which are commonly used to describe jobs.


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Hi everybody
In my opinion this video shows a real interview situation, in fact I think that we could take a couple of terms to use in our next chances.

On the other hand I guess that Sarah is going to get the job because she showed her best face and she looked very confident.

Have a great day!


I wish to make an inquiry into something. Would speaking at a slow pace like Sarah does in the video not bore the interviewers in a job interview ?

Best of luck,

Hello Sandy,

You are, of course, correct that it is not good to speak too slowly.  However, I don't find Sarah's speech too slow in this video.  It seems quite natural to me and not irritating at all.

The important thing is to be clear and to speak at a speed which is comfortable and natural for you.  That may be quicker than Sarah's speed, of course, and that would be fine.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

This video very useful for me. From this video i can get tips and know how to answer a question from Panel. Learning english and at the same time equip me with new knowledge. I am feel so pleasure.

Hi Habib Rahman,
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This video is very useful to me, thanks a lot! There is a question I would like to receive your answer,  why Philip Hart used the word "post" instead of "job", and could you please tell me in what case we use "post"? it's quite rare to me.Thank you again!

Hello lovely_star782000,
I'm glad you like the video, and thank you for saying so!
The word 'post' is very similar to 'position' in this context, but both of these words are interchangeable with 'job' when we are talking about employment:
I'm applying for the post of...
I'm applying for the position of...
I'm applying for the job of...
When we use the verb 'hold' we say 'position' rather than anything else:
I currently hold the position of Sales Manager for a large company.
'Job' can also describe things we must do that are not connected with employment:
I'm decorating the house at the moment.  It's a big job!
I hope that clarifies it for you.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Dear all,
I think this video so interesting a I learnt a lot of skill. Thank LearningEnglish so much.