Episode 6


Watch Daniel and Sarah make their presentations to see who can impress Philip and Marcia the most.


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Hello, I found an explanation on the website unesco.org :
"Blue-sky thinking is a type of brainstorming, a free reflexion not restricted to what is practical, temporarely ignoring obstacles or opposition."

Regarding “All down by me”, I guess this means “Thanks to me, because of only me…”, particularly in this situation.

I d like to know  the meaning of these two expresions too,please.
thank u. 

Hello , Adam please tell me what s' wrong with the videos ? i want hear and listen to them  please help me 

help please i can't see videos. I'm just reading the comment.
help please

What web browser are you using to view the site?
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i like this video ,the man in this video is so funny  :)

Hello, I'm Youjin and I really appriciate for these awesome English materials.
I have a question!
Daniel said that his sales team was cernainly going to be sad to see me leave. and in comprehension task, in number 2, Daniel thinks that the sales team will be upset if he leaves, why is it true? being sad is similar to being upset?

Hello YouJin,
I'm very happy to hear you like the materials on our site.
To answer your question, you are right that 'sad' and 'upset' are similar words. 'Upset' is more often used to refer to a reaction to a situation, rather than a general feeling and it also tends to be used to describe a stronger emotion. However, there is enough overlap that if the sales team are sad, we can also assume they are upset.
I hope that helps,
The LearnEnglish Team