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Adverbials of probability


Level: beginner

We use adverbials of probability to show how certain we are about something. The commonest adverbials of probability are:

certainly definitely maybe possibly
clearly obviously  perhaps probably
Adverbials of probability 1


maybe and perhaps usually come at the beginning of the clause:

Perhaps the weather will be fine.
Maybe it won't rain.

Other adverbs of possibility usually come in front of the main verb:

He is certainly coming to the party.
Will they definitely be there?
We will possibly come to England next year.

or after the present simple or past simple of be

They are definitely at home.
She was obviously very surprised.

But these adverbs sometimes come at the beginning of a clause for emphasis:

Obviously she was very surprised.
Possibly we will come to England next year.

Adverbials of probability 2


Adverbials of probability 3



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i'm extremely confused about " He said he would definitely be there"could i say"He definitely said he would be there"or "He said he would be definitely there"
Please tell me which one is correct?thank you

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I am a bit confused with the difference between maybe and may be, could you explain to me plz?

Hi durraan,

'Maybe' is an adverb which means 'perhaps' or 'possibly.' 'Maybe I will have a beer tonight,' for example.

May be is a verb phrase which means 'might be' or 'could be.' 'This may be the best English website ever,' for example.

I hope this helps.


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