Count nouns have two forms: singular and plural.

Singular count nouns refer to one person or thing:

a book; a teacher; a wish; an idea

Plural count nouns refer to more than one person or thing:

books; teachers; wishes; ideas

Singular count nouns

Singular count nouns cannot be used alone. They must have a determiner:

the book; that English teacher; a wish; my latest idea

Plural forms

We usually add –s to make a plural noun:

book > books; school > schools; friend > friends

We add -es to nouns ending in –ss; -ch; -s; -sh; -x

class > classes; watch > watches; gas > gases; wish > wishes; box > boxes

When a noun ends in a consonant and -y we make the plural in -ies...

lady > ladies; country > countries; party > parties

…but if a noun ends in a vowel and -y we simply add -s:

boy > boys; day > days; play > plays

Some common nouns have irregular plurals:

Man > men; woman > women; child > children; foot > feet;
person > people

Plural count nouns do not have a determiner when they refer to people or things as a group:

Computers are very expensive.
Do you sell old books?



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hi erery body. my name is Ali. a am a happing to learn english with your.

All Staff of British Council,
I am older but want to refresh by your teachings. I am also interested to introduce ENGLISH in my nearby rural areas. The children of this area are want to learn English. I want to get directions from the council that how to  start. Please guide me.
With regards
Dastagir S.I

Dear Dastagir

To refresh your English, I would suggest starting with our podcasts. They are a great way to expose your self to a good deal of language quickly. After that, I would advise you to browse the site and see for yourself. Everybody learns differently and needs different things and that's what's so great about studying online - you can find what suits you.

As for the children - have you seen LearnEnglish Kids?

If anyone else has any suggestions or advice, I would love to hear it too.


Jack Radford

The LearnEnglish Team

hi i am sar Blut . I am very happy to learn  English with you.

I am hoping of fast improvment of my English with this wonderful method.

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 anyone knows about the dictionary which i can download for me.

Hi Hamster!
Are you looking for a dictionary you can download and run on your computer without having access to the internet? I haven't used any, so I can't suggest one, but if you search the web for 'download offline dictionary', you should be able to find something useful.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team