Intransitive verbs have the pattern N + V (noun + verb). The clause is complete without anything else:


Noun Phrase (Subject) Verb Phrase
The baby
was sleeping

(John) (smiled).
(Nothing) (has happened).
(The baby) (was sleeping).



Hmmm... so far so good. I can understand now what 'clause, intransitive and transitive' is. thank you very much, you really helped me.

Very good class!

It helped me to improve my grammar skill.

I didn't understand that last lesson.

Seem is transitive? I think after seem we can use adjs not nouns, right? She seems nice, he seems happy, etc. I need to be clarified.

Same for  "The soup tastes (bad/sour/awful)". Requesting clarity for these two questions.

 The second sentence meaning is not clear

 Hi mohamed,
I assume you are referring to 'They disappeared.' (?)
This sentence means 'They are (or were) not there.' 
The LearnEnglish Team

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