Intransitive verbs have the pattern N + V (noun + verb). The clause is complete without anything else:


Noun Phrase (Subject) Verb Phrase
The baby
was sleeping

(John) (smiled).
(Nothing) (has happened).
(The baby) (was sleeping).



Hello Roka2010,
Some of the verbs are intransitive (no object) and some are transitive (with an object).  You have to decide which are which.  You don't see full sentences, and have to think about if the verbs that you see need an object or not.
For example
She is relaxing  >  this is intransitive - there is no need for an object.
She is making  >  this is transitive - it needs an object of some kind ('She is making dinner / the bed / problems / a cake' etc.
I hope that clarifies the exercise.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

thnku peter
while teaching to the students i myself used to remain confused. these few lines really cleared my concept regarding transitive and intransitive. though ur examples were short but good enough to hit the bulls eye.

thanx again


It's nice to practice!!!

She Likes, i make
why these sentences are intransitive?
i do not understand.
i need more explanation .

Hello Natalia,
See my reply to anupghoshal1988 below for the answer to your question.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

She likes.I make.(N+V-Transitive)
How these sentences are Transitive?there is no object after the verb.please explain.

I can understand your confusion. The exercise is asking which of the verbs are transitive, not which of the sentences are.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

in the first ques tion it is"you seem" so i have N+V,than it should be intransitive.
then why is it transitive?please explain

I make.
You seem.
The bus stopped.
How these senetences are Intransitive?there is no object after the verb.please explain.

i feel really awesome thank you british council for all this thing you gave to us but i hope you will be providing us more facalities then  thanks alot