Some verbs are followed by an adjective phrase. The adjective phrase is called the complement:


Noun phrase (Subject) Verb phrase Adjective phrase (complement)
This soup
The milk
am feeling
has gone
very happy

This pattern is N + V + Adj (noun + verb + adjective phrase).

These verbs are called link verbs.

Some link verbs (for example be; become; seem) can have a noun phrase as a complement:


Noun phrase (Subject) Verb phrase Noun phrase (complement)
Our neighbour
a strange man
a geologist
a nice girl

This pattern is N + V + N (noun + verb + noun).



I read often in your website 'link verb' but in book of grammar i find linking verbs. is link verb correct or just you want to use abbreviation?
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Hello kira300,

I have seen both terms used, and I would say both are acceptable.  There are often alternatives in terminology - another example would be count and uncount nouns, which are also sometimes called countable and uncountrable nouns.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I come from Vietnam, I am excited with grammar but I often confuse between adjective +ed and +ing. I have never done 100 percent (ing and ed). Could you tell me to give some advice.

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Hello tranminhhai90,

This is an area which often causes confusion.  Generally, adjectives which end in '-ing' describe something which happens to others, and those which end in '-ed' describe something which happens to the person.  For example:

'She's very boring' = how she makes other people feel

'She's very bored' = how she feels

To help you, here are some exercises you can try on this topic:

You can also find some similar exercises in these episodes: (task 2) (task 4)


I hope that helps to answer your question.

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The LearnEnglish Team

100.00 I'm so happy,and I think it's easy

83.33 % :(( but I think its very easy . 

I am very happy for this site.

My English is not  is not so much correct that,s why I  want to improve it and specially Grammar and vocabulary.I hope these excersices will be helpful for me.

Hai, Where are the test ? I can only see the the word exercise  below the coloum . I cannot enter the exercise too ? What happen ? Please help me ! Thank you .

Hi Rainbow Ho,
That's strange - I can see the exercise. Have you tried reloading the page (hold down Ctrl and F5) or even using a different web browser?
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