Some verbs are followed by either a noun or an adjective:

She was a good friend. =  N + V + N
She was very happy. =  N + V + Adj.
He became headmaster. =  N + V + N
He became angry. =  N + V + Adj.

These verbs are called link verbs. Common verbs like this are:

  • be
  • become
  • appear
  • feel
  • look
  • remain
  • seem
  • sound

She seemed an intelligent woman.
She seemed intelligent.
He looked hungry.
He looked a good player.

After appear and seem we often use to be:

She appeared to be an intelligent woman.
He seemed to be angry.

Some link verbs are followed by an adjective. Common verbs like this are:

  • get
  • go
  • grow
  • taste
  • smell

He got hungry in the evening.
She grew stronger every day.




Thank you so much dear Mr. Stephen.

Could you please tell why there is "feels strange" instead of "seems strange" in the sentence - "It  feels strange to be back here after so many years"?
Thank you in advance

 The exercise maybe have some problems!
The sentence "It isn't a chicken, but it tastes like chicken.“ appears twice in the exercise!

Hello Zhao Wei,
You really love grammar! Thanks for telling us about this error. I've fixed it now.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team